EWI Past Corporate Presidents

Previous Corporate Presidents
Karen Thompson
Securian Financial Group
Communications Specialist
Patricia Dahmen
Ray's Demolition
2001-2002 International President
1994 Chapter President
Michelle Lovatt
Richmond Region Tourism
Vice President of Administration
Darlene Banogon
North Island Credit Union, a Division of California Credit Union
Legal & Compliance Administrator
Dianne Luckett
Irby Electrical Distributor
Assistant To The President & Internal Communications Coordinator
Brenda Kanno
Research Corporation Of The University Of Hawaii
Director of Corporate Services
Lisa Stokes
B.R.P. Entertainment
Judy Russell
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Board Liaison
Karen Skirten
Sable Consulting
Marketing Consultant
Bette White
White, Bette
Dorothy Bennett
Bennett, Dorothy F.
June Boulogne-Alexander
Boulogne-Alexander, June
Barbara Doll
Doll, Barbara
Agnes Herbst
Herbst, Agnes
Verona Weeks
Weeks, Verona F.
Betty Fendley
Fendley, Betty D.
Lois Trayner-Allinder
Trayner-Allinder, Lois R.
Sandra Fields
Fields, Sandra
Debbie Taylor
Taylor, Debbie
Della Newman
Newman, Della
Marjorie Tarplee
Tarplee, Marjorie
Sharon Bennett
Bennett, Sharon
Myra Trahern
Trahern, Myra D.
Sylvia Napper
Napper, Sylvia C.
Glenda Burson
Burson, Glenda
Vice President & Treasurer
Kristine Wilkerson
Wilkerson, Kristine M.
Wendy Cowley
Cowley, Wendy
Patricia Parilla
Parilla, Patricia A.
Dolores Griffin
Griffin, Dolores
Ronwyn Anderson
Ronwyn Anderson
Millie Boling
Millie Boling
Betty Loveless
Vicki Boyle
Boyle, Vicki
Louise Anderson
Louise Anderson
Peggy Quinn